Where to picnic in Paris ?


Where to picnic in Paris ? If you’re in Paris in spring or summer, you’ll pretty quickly realize that as soon as the sun starts to glimmer, Parisians grind into picnic gear.  Whether on the grass or with a view of the water, there are picnic spots for all tastes in Paris. Since the sun and warm weather are not with us  yet you will have to be patient ! Here is our selection so you can enjoy a relaxing time with your friends...

Do choose the right location

Here’s the lowdown on some of great places to picnic:

-The Champ-de-Mars, 7ème: the unrestricted view of the Eiffel Tower and the elegant buildings surrounding it attract tourists and Parisians alike. It is an ideal place for the young and cosmopolitan to picnic. 2 Allée Adrienne Lecouvreur, 7th district. Metro: Ecole Militaire/RER: Champ-de-Mars. Another great idea in the 7th district: the Avenue de Breteuil has lawns which are ideal for a picnic. Avenue de Breteuil (7th). Metro: Saint-François Xavier or Duroc.

- Buttes Chaumont, 19ème (Plus: largest park in Paris with trees, waterfalls & a lake. Minus: hilly and thus lots of potential for spillage & bottle rolling).

- La Seine (Plus: picture postcard setting. Minus: loud tourists on boats, the occasional wandering bum.)

- Canal St Martin, 10ème (Plus: Trendy hotspot, great people-watching, plentiful surrounding bars for après-picnic festivities. Minus: very little grass, quiet or room to spread a blanket/d

- Bois de Vicennes(Plus: huge and green with lots of trees, 2,458 acres to be precise – that’s 3 times bigger than Central Park & 4 times bigger than Hyde Park. Minus: Far away from the center of it all (in Parisian terms) and beaucoup de getting-lost opportunities).

- Bois de Boulogne (Plus: same as above, although a little bit smaller with its (still very) respectable 2,090 acres. Minus, doubles up as Paris’s red light district at night!)

Are you interested by the places where to picnic in Paris ?

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