French conversation lessons in Paris


Unlike group lessons, private lessons focus on conversational French and offers you the opportunity to speak and interact in French.

Right from the first lesson, our aim with conversational French lessons is to encourage you to use your speaking skills and ensure you feel confortable with spoken French.

With our French language courses in Paris, you won’t be learning French just from a textbook or following a standard method. You will learn spoken French as it is used by native speakers.

Real life situations for beginners & visitors

If it is useful and applicable in your daily life situation you will learn it.

The objective for beginners is to use French in real life situations (shopping, ordering in a restaurant, taking a taxi…) and gain confidence while interacting with natives.

If you’re a visitor Paris for a short stay, you may only encounter specific situations in shops, restaurants, hotels, banks. Traveling in French-speaking countries can be confusing if  you don’t understand instructions.

Our French lessons for visitors help you  to learn some basic cultural codes to avoid mishaps in social situations (tips, greetings, etc.) 

Conversational French to converse with fluency

If your level is intermediate or advanced, you might also be interested by our conversational French lessons.

If you live in an expat community, you might be looking for wider opportunities to converse with natives with self-confidence and fluidity.  Our conversational French lessons will help you to develop your speaking skill.

Your French tutor will select the topics you are interested in (politics, society, art, etc.) and use relevant learning material that meet your areas of interest: press, online materials, videos, moovies…

Far from being just a simple discussion, our conversational French lessons will challenge you throughout on different skills: understanding, expression, pronunciation. From time to time your tutor will use remedial grammar in order to correct and explain your mistakes.

  • For students at A2+ level and upwards

  • Lessons of 1.5 or 2 hours

  • Lessons at your home, office, or in a quiet café in Paris

tutors for french conversation lessons paris

Why struggle for months or years when you can learn faster with our private French tutors

Enthusiastic, Skilled and Experienced in teaching French to various backgrounds, our French tutors will help you to optimize your learning process.

Your dedicated French tutor has a strong understanding of your linguistic goals and your learning abilities. He/she will adjust the approach and choose teaching materials accordingly.

Feedback from a student

I worked with Patrick to improve my conversational skills in French. He was so patient and focused on my exact needs that I saw a good improvement in my daily French interactions even after just 10 classes. Totally recommend French a La Carte and Patrick as a teacher!

Andrei Baraian July 2017

Pricing per Hour for French conversation lessons in Paris

Personal Tutoring Rates

1 person - Day time - 55 €
2 people - Day time - 63 €

1 person - After 7pm or weekends - 58 €
2 people- After 7pm or weekends - 68 €

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