French lessons for beginners

 “Discover the pleasure to communicate in French”


You wish to:

  • Be able to communicate in French in very simple situations

  • Be confident while speaking even your master of the language is limited

  • Discover the pleasure of communicating in French


Being able to introduce oneself and others - greeting people - asking and giving simple information - say the time - find your way - etc.

Even if they are complete beginners in French, students sometimes know a few words or very simple sentences in French but barely more. By taking our private French lessons for beginners, you will discover the pleasure of communication in French. Your first French lessons are extremely important as learning the basic French structures will help you to build up solid linguistic fundations.

Right from the first lesson, the focus will be placed on communication and our aim will be to ensure you feel com­fort­able with spo­ken French.

While pronouncing your first sentences in French, you might not fully understand yet the structure but you will be able to “use” very basic sentences, vocabulary and also to pronounce them correctly.

  • Lessons in one to one
  • At your home in Paris or at your office
  • Sessions from 1,5 hours or 2 hours up to a more intensive programme

Why struggle for months or years when you can learn faster with our private French tutors

To improve faster, there is no better way than learning with a dedicated French tutor.

Enthusiastic, Skilled and Experienced in teaching French to various backgrounds, our French tutors will help you to optimize your learning process.

Your dedicated French tutor has a strong understanding of your linguistic goals and your learning abilities. He/she will adjust the approach and choose teaching materials accordingly.

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Comment from a student

« It is very hard to adjust in France without speaking French, so when I moved to Paris, initially I started taking classes at language schools but later I decided to take private classes with French à La Carte, so that I could learn faster and effectively and which could cater to my need. This has definitely helped me improve my understanding of the language ».

Supreeti Pradhan, Trader-Dealer at Frontex Nepal Investment bank, Nepal - January 2016

Pricing per Hour for private French lessons

Personal Tutoring Rates

1 person - Day time - 55 €
2 people - Day time - 58 €

1 person - After 7pm or weekends - 57 €
2 people- After 7pm or weekends - 60 €

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