Private French lessons in Paris
Flexible & Tailor-made for you


Whether you are an expat building a new life in Paris, a busy professional, a visitor in Paris for a short stay, or a student, our private French lessons are personalized to your specific objectives and to your background.

There are no standardized lessons with us

Our private French lessons in Paris deliver a pragmatic teaching approach based on your linguistic needs. We always adjust the learning path taking into account your expectations : general French for your everyday requirements, conversational French, professional French to all levels, preparation to examinations.

  • Our standard format of lesson is 1.5 or 2 hours (or more if you prefer).

  • Lessons once a week, twice a week or more if you wish.

  • From a single lesson to a more intensive programme, we offer a wide range of formats.

Our flexible French lessons can held :

  • at your home in Paris

  • at your office

  • or while exploring Paris.

Flexibility is a key point and our native French tutors can teach 7 days a week, from 8.00am to 10.00pm.

For beginners in French (Level A1), intermediate students (A2/B1) or advanced students (B2), we translate your goals and linguistic needs into relevant learning objectives. We also provide French tuition for the preparation of examinations (including DELF, DALF).

With French à La Carte, you will learn French in an engaging, encouraging and stimulating environment.

private french lessons Paris

Our approach
Structured, engaging, and communicative French lessons

You wish to :

  • to gain confidence while speaking with native speakers (real life situations)

  • to improve your listening skills (better comprehension when native speakers talk at their usual speed)

  • to expand your vocabulary and use of French expressions (colloquial expressions, idioms)

  • to improve fluency while conversing on areas that interest you (overcome your hesitancy)

  • to feel more at ease in your life in Paris (a better approach to French culture)

Initial Assessment of Your Current Level

We start with a preliminary non committal session by Skype or telephone of 20 minutes duration focused on evaluating your current level, discussing your goals and deciding with you the appropriate learning path. We carefully select a tutor who fits your personality, your background and your linguistic needs.

Structured French Courses Crafted to Your Needs

With us no improvised lessons. Each lesson is crafted and appropriate learning material carefully selected according to your learning needs and objectives.

For each of these our skilled French tutors adjust the program to your goals :

  • General French for expats

  • Business French for professionals

  • Specific real life situations for visitors

  • Exam preparations for students (DELF, DALF);

Our French lessons can either combine different skills or focus on a specific area you need to develop.

  • Listening (understanding, spoken French, getting used to the native speed)

  • Comprehension (increasing your comprehension by extending your vocabulary, idioms, and sentence structures)

  • Speaking (building up your fluidity and your accuracy, pronouncing correctly)

  • Writing ( sending emails, writing reports…)

Communicative Approach to Build up Your Confidence

The main difference between a group lesson and private tutoring is the interaction with your tutor. You are constantly challenged on your speaking skills and have wider opportunities to express yourself.
A positive, encouraging and enjoyable learning environment is a key factor in an efficient learning process.

Spoken French is a key point for us. From ordering food in a restaurant for beginners to being able to converse about different topics of your interest for more advanced levels, conversational French is a priority.

Our stimulating French lessons will help you build confidence and to overcome the hesitancy you sometimes feel while speaking with native speakers in real life situations. 

French Culture & French Experience
Outdoor Activities Exploring Paris


For lovers of Paris who want to improve their conversational French in a time efficient manner we offer courses which will immerse you in the vibrancy of Paris, with fulfilling activities adjusted to your level of French.

A ‘Gourmet tour’ with cheese degustation, a ‘pastry and chocolate’ tour in Saint-Germain-des-Près, the discovery of Paris vibrant neighbourhoods, or a private visit to the Rodin Museum, these are just examples of what we can offer. Make the best of your stay and learn French at the same time!

Private tutoring format
Refresher courses / Semi & intensive courses

Learn at your own pace: our French language courses are organised to make the learning process fit your schedule

  • Lesson Length: 1.5 hours or 2 hours (once a week, twice a week or a much more intensive program)

  • Semi-intensive Lessons: 10 hours per week (2 hours per day)

  • Intensive Lessons: from 15 hours per week (from 3 to 6 hours per day)

If you only want to brush up on your French skills or if you are in Paris for a few days, you might only need a short refresher course. We can offer a package of just a few French lessons, enough to feel more at ease and interact with native speakers in Paris.

If you wish to learn on a weekly regular basis, we can offer a contract of 10 lessons.

If you wish to learn French at a quicker pace and achieve faster results, we can offer semi-intensive and intensive programs. From 2 to 5 hours per day, these lessons can be arranged for students of all levels.

Why struggle for months or years when you can learn faster with our private French tutors

French teachers for private french lessons paris

To improve faster, there is no better way than learning with a dedicated French tutor.

Enthusiastic, Natives French tutors, Skilled and Experienced in teaching French to various backgrounds, our French tutors will help you to optimize your learning process.

Your dedicated French tutor has a strong understanding of your linguistic goals and your learning abilities. He/she will adjust the approach and choose teaching materials accordingly.

Feedback from Students

My husband and I absolutely loved our French lessons with Patrick. He focused on the areas we wanted to improve and put so much thought and consideration into the lesson material. His teaching style worked so well for us, we would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn French in Paris! Thank you Florence for pairing us with Patrick.

Chloé Hil, June 2017

Pricing per Hour for private French lessons

Personal Tutoring Rates

1 person - Day time - 55 €
2 people - Day time - 63 €

1 person - After 6.30 pm or weekends - 60 €
2 people- After 6.30 pm or weekends - 68 €

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