A French lesson in Paris walking in Le Marais


A French lesson in Le Marais : a perfect setting for discovering Paris in immersion 

During a French lesson in Le Marais, you will walk through the narrow streets of the historical Marais and you will stumble upon centuries past. Spread over the 3rd and 4th districts, the narrow streets of historic heart of Paris are rich with a contrasting trendy and traditional population, while the wonderful patina of the 16th and 17th-century buildings is sharply enhanced by the designs and colors of as many boutiques. The 4e arrondissement, the Marais’s glitzier section, stretches between the Place des Vosges, one the city’s oldest and most romantic squares, and the provocatively multi-colored Pompidou Center, the sprawling modern art gallery towering over the centuries-old mansions of the area.

The rue des Rosiers is still a major centre of the Paris Jewish community where delis and bakeries sell kosher food and falafels. Our visit of the neighborhood include the wonderfully-restored Musée Cognaq-Jay, the Musée Carnavalet. During your French lesson in le Marais, you will discover the garden of the magnificent Hôtel de Sully . The northern half of Le Marais in the 3e arrondissement houses art galleries, trendy boutiques, and funky cafés and bars off the tourist track.

Improve your speaking skills in French while strolling in Paris

One of the best ways to discover Paris is on foot. Even better, let your French tutor show you around and teach you French at the same time.With our french lesson in Le Marais, you will discover Paris of the beaten tracks. A private French course is not necessarily held all the time in a classroom and in addition to one-to-one formal lessons, Paris can become your classroom. To practise your conversational skills and gain confidence while speaking French,  try a guided tour in French with French à La Carte  and discover Paris off the beaten tracks.

  • Find out about the history of Paris across the centuries, and at the same time, Parisian culture. The itineraries we offer will reveal the multifaceted nature of Paris.
  • Practice your language skills: vocabulary, understanding, speaking, accuracy. While strolling through Paris with your tutor, you will be corrected and encouraged: the best way to improve your level of French.

Feedback from Students

Anna Lucia Aidar, Work supervisor, Brazil: Vanessa Bellendir was the best part of my trip while I was in Paris. Staying in Paris is already great, but having you as a private French teacher and a guide through places that any tourist would never go to was terrific. I really had so much fun with our classes that I did not see my month passing by this summer. After going to Paris so many times, now I really can say that I know the city from a “Parisian” point of view. So, I really hope to be able to take your walking classes very soon again. Thank you for that great summer! (July 2015)