A French lesson in Paris in Montmartre

Why don't you try a French lesson in Paris in Montmatre ? Even when you are surrounded by French speaking people, it’s not always easy to get them to speak French to you (especially Parisians who tend to immediately answer in English)… Speaking French can be intimidating, especially for a beginner or intermediate student. Improve your French while walking along the traditional streets of Montmartre with a local resident teacher, who will give you great insights into this historical, artistic and dynamic neighbourhood cherished by all Parisians. During your French lesson in Montmatre, you will walk around the famous hill on which the old Montmartre village is located and stroll along the beautiful, windy streets.

Together with your private French teacher, you will discover the Montmartre vineyard and associated festivities, visit the Sacred Heart basilica, take in the views of the capital beneath, and learn more about French language, culture and people, about the artists of this area and Paris and much more... Our French lesson in Montmatre held in French, but your level will be taken into account (a pre- intermediate level is usually required). Our main goal is to make you improve your language skills: vocabulary, understanding, speaking. Each walk offered by French “à la carte” is an opportunity to learn more about the history of Paris across the centuries and about the culture of real Parisians’ Paris. For further information about our French lessons while visiting Paris, contact our private French tutors. Témoignage de l'étudiant : Mark Tuller Chère Vanessa, Notre promenade linguistique à Montmartre était formidable! J'ai appris beaucoup de nouvelles choses touristiques et linguistiques. Quand je serai à Paris la prochaine fois, je noterai « les blasons de Paris » en buvant un bon vin de n'importe quel « cépage » et faisant attention aux « poulbots ». Merci, et je vais recommander votre entreprise à mes amis francophiles américains. Mark Tuller, avocat à la retraite, devant le Lapin Agile de Montmartre