French Fries, French stick and other expressions with the word French

English expressions with the word French

There are dozens of English expressions with the word French... but are these things actually French? Take a look at this list with the French equivalents and the literal translations - you might be surprised.

to french

1. (cooking) to cut into thin strips, to trim fat (unknown translation) 2. (kissing) see French kiss, below

French bean - le haricot vert green bean

French boxing - la boxe française

French bread - la baguette

French bulldog - le bouledogue français

French chop 1. (cuisine) chop with the meat and fat trimmed from the end (unknown translation) 2. (juggling) tomahawk jeté de l'autre côté de la tête

French cleaners - le nettoyage à sec literally, "dry cleaning"

French cuff - le poignet mousquetaire literally, "musketeer's cuff"

French curtain - le rideau à la française

French curve - le pistolet literally, "pistol"

French custard ice cream - la glace aux œufs French disease - la maladie anglaise literally, "English disease." An old-fashioned term in both languages to refer to syphilis.

French door - la porte-fenêtre literally, "window-door"

French dressing - la vinaigrette Only in England does French dressing mean vinaigrette. In the US, French dressing refers to a sweet, tomato-based salad dressing that does not, as far as I know, exist in France.

French fly - une braguette à bouton de rappel hidden button inside fly of men's pants

French fry - la (pomme de terre) frite literally, "fried potato." Note that French fries are actually Belgian

French ice cream - see French custard ice cream, above

French kiss noun: un baiser avec la langue, un baiser profond verb: embrasser avec la langue

to take French leave - filer à l'anglaise (informal) literally, "to split/take off the English way"

French letter - la capote anglaise (informal) literally, "English condom"

French maid - la femme de chambre chambermaid

French manicure - le French manucure American-invented style of manicure, with light pink polish on the nail and white polish underneath

French mustard - la moutarde douce literally, "sweet mustard"

French onion soup - la soupe à l'oignon onion soup (topped with cheese and broiled) French onion soup recipe

French pancake - une crêpe French polish - le vernis au tampon shellac diluted with alcohol and used to produce a high gloss on wood

French poodle - un caniche literally, "poodle"

French roof - un toit à la mansarde literally, "Mansard roof"

French stick - une baguette

French toast - le pain perdu literally, "lost bread" French toast recipe

French trotter - un trotteur français breed of horse literally, "window-door"


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