Private French Lessons & French Tuition in Paris

French Classes in Paris

French Classes in Paris

French classes in Paris

Whether you are in Paris for a short stay, for business or you are an expat building a new life in France, French à la Carte provide personalized French classes in Paris to match your needs, learning abilities, schedule, and location.  


Our general French Lessons in Paris put emphasis on communication

Are our French classes in Paris for you?

Our general French classes in Paris are for those who want to learn French or improve their linguistic skills for different purposes:

  • Expats : for those who are building a new life in Paris and need to master French for their practical life in Paris. We also also provide French classes for children and teenagers.
  • Businesses : for those who need to feel confident in their professional exchanges with French-speaking colleagues or clients.
  • University students : for those who need to improve their language level for academic reasons (a semester in Paris with their University) or to prepare for a French exam to enter a French University (DELF B2)
  • Visitors : for those who are in Paris for a short stay need be interact with native in very specific situations ( ordering in a restaurant, shopping, taxis)


Our French French classes in Paris cover all levels of French learning, from complete beginner (A1) to advanced (C1).

Your specific language goals

  • to gain confidence while interacting in the French language with natives.
  • to improve your listening and speaking skills.
  • to practise your conversational French and be able to converse about your favorite topics.
  • to increase your vocabulary (sector terminology, idiomatic expressions, formal and unformal French)
  • to develop accuracy in grammar and syntax.
  • to work on your writing skills (e-mails writing, essays, dissertations)
  • to prepare exams in the French language (DELF – DALF and local exams for college, university or business schools)

Description of our learning  programme

In addition to a standard format of classes of 1,5 hour or 2 hour lessons, we also offer intensive or semi-intensive courses (up to 15 hours a week).

With French à La Carte, you will be exposed to a structured programme combining different linguistic skills:

  • Listening comprehension and speaking skills: develop using a variety of selected texts including standard methods, press articles, digital material in order to sharpen your comprehension skills.
  • Conversational French: use interactive and dynamic interaction with your French tutors to encourage the expression of ideas and opinions.
  • Grammatical structures: learn to use appropriate tenses (present, past tenses, immediate future), prepositions, pronouns with writing and oral exercices. Remedial grammar for more advanced levels.
  • French vocabulary: learn or develop knowledge of a wide range of idioms, colloquial expressions and vocabulary ranging from daily life, leisure, to expressing emotions…
  • French prononciation: prononciation of the French R, U, the nasal vowels, the accent, the silent letters, the liaisons and linking.
  • Writing skills : exercices to develop your ability to write accurately in a variety of styles.


Customized French classes in Paris

Our French classes also offer a range of thematic lessons and can include French immersion in Paris.

You may be interested in choosing one of the following customized French classes in Paris:

  • French conversational classes in Paris
  • Business French
  • Examination preparation (DELF, DALF)
  • Intensive or semi-intensive French course
  • French for beginners
  • French for visitors
  • Immersion in Paris: gastronomy – art – cultural walks – thematic lessons


Feedback from students

Susan Astor-Smith, Director of public relations, Sydney – October 2016:
I spent six weeks in Paris in late 2015 and during that time had twice weekly lessons of two hours each with Florence Harang at French à la Carte. While I had already been learning French for some time in Sydney, the lessons I had with Florence improved my pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency greatly.  Florence was flexible, creative and professional in her teaching methods. She quickly identified my areas of interest and built her lessons around these. I highly recommend Florence and French à la Carte and look forward to continuing lessons with her on my next extended visit to Paris