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French Immersion in Paris: Foodie Related Vocabulary & Best Food Markets

Paris is a city that has a food market for everybody and the epicentre of all things French. It is not just the capital of France but of the nation’s cuisine as well. There is no better way to experience French culture than through its food. Today I'll share with you some useful expressions relating to all things food. Including what I believe are the top 4 food markets to visit.

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French Expressions for Organic, Vegan & Vegetarian & great Restaurants in Paris.

A new trend of restaurants in Paris suggests the French are becoming more open to new, healthier ways of eating.  The number of non-carnivores who prefer green to red is increasing. Rest assured, nowadays you are less likely to receive a quizzical look when stating your food preferences in a French restaurant. I have selected useful vocabulary and expressions that you can use in the restaurants as well as organic groceries stores. Also, phrases to comfortably discuss your food intolerances and preferences.

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