Private French Lessons & French Tuition in Paris

Private French Lessons Paris

French lessons in Paris with a personal touch

Whether you’re in Paris for a short stay, for business or you’re an expat building a new life in France, French à la Carte provide personalized private French lessons to match your needs, learning abilities, schedule, and location. Checkout our french homepage

At French à la Carte, we believe that learning a new language should be an engaging, rewarding, and life-changing experience.

Private French Lessons Paris

Personalized private French lessons to suit your needs and goals.

French for Beginners

Discover the pleasure of communication in French.

Learn Business French in Paris

Feel comfortable in your professional exchanges in Paris

Conversational French lessons

Express yourself in French with more fluidity in areas that interest you

French classes in Paris for Children

Combine French lessons at your home with a discovery of Paris

French for Paris Lovers

Learn French and feel like a Parisian just for a few hours!

Why Choose Us

Personalized private French lessons to match your needs

Flexible private French lessons

Flexible private French lessons

Study French in Paris with private French lessons to suit your exact needs and goals

  • At your home or office, 7 days / week
  • French lessons for beginners
  • Conversational French
  • Extensive, semi-intensive and intensive lessons

Taking French courses in Paris with our experienced French teachers on a one-to-one basis is completely different to learning French in a classroom. If you study French in Paris, our private French lessons can provide personalized tuition focused on your abilities and goals.

French for Paris Lovers

Learn French and feel like a Parisian just for a few hours!

  • French Immersion courses in Paris
  • French lessons while visiting Paris
  • Thematic lessons : Guided walks, gastronomy, fashion
  • Paris becomes your class-room

If you’d like to immerse yourself in Parisian life, in addition to our one-to-one private lessons, French à la Carte also offers French immersion courses in Paris themed tours. Learn French while experiencing the daily life of a Parisian, just for a few hours! Fashion, gastronomy, walks in picturesque Paris: make the most of your stay and try our off the beaten track program.

French for Paris Lovers

French Business courses in Paris

French Business courses in Paris

Feel comfortable in your professional exchanges with French-speaking colleagues or clients

  • 7 days / week
  • General Business French
  • Sector specific terminology
  • Presentation and negotiation skills
  • Job interview preparation

Our business French lessons are customized to suit your exact needs. Whether dealing with French speaking colleagues or clients, on a business trip, or just on vacation in Paris, we can help you communicate efficiently and effectively in French.

Client Testimonials

Professionals and individuals, here’s the feedback of some of our clients

“I was very impressed with the preparation she put in each class so that was no time wasted”

Michael Shaw, Chief Operating Officer
Aktis Strategy UK

“I visited Paris for an extended stay and Florence was a tremendous help to me learning the language”

Brigitte Meyer, Artist
San Francisco USA

“From the moment I first contacted Florence she was really open to have a conversation and understand my needs”

Gaston Ascuri, intern at Christian Louboutin
Buenos Aires

French conversation in Paris

If you are looking for a wider opportunity to practise your conversational French, our French courses in Paris on a one to one basis are for you. If you learn French conversation, this will help you develop your speaking skills on specific areas that are of interest to you. More than just a discussion, our conversational French lessons in Paris are, above all, a lesson, and you’ll be challenged throughout on different skills: understanding, expression, pronunciation.

French courses in Paris

French for beginners, French Business courses, intensive French courses, our French courses in Paris are customized to match your level in French, your specific goals and your schedule. All our French language courses are tailor-made and delivered on a one to one basis.

French immersion in Paris

Imagine studying French in Paris not only in a classroom but also by visiting vibrant Paris or its historic neighbourhoods, immersig yourself in the city, discovering French gastronomy…French à la Carte has crafted French immersion courses for Paris lovers. When you study French in Paris, and discover the city while conversing with your French teacher, this can become an enjoyable and efficient way to improve your skills: understanding, speaking, and accuracy.