Private French Lessons & French Tuition in Paris

Learn French in Paris

Learn French in Paris

Learn French in Paris with French à la Carte

Learn French in Paris with personnalized French language courses for all language skills from beginner to advanced.

Our French classes are designed for those who are seeking a more personal approach.

Whether you are in Paris for a short stay or an Expat we offer you tailor-made lessons to match your needs.

Unlike formatted tuition in a French language school, we offer customised French courses in a welcoming atmosphere, which fit to your linguistic goals, your learning ability and your schedule. We believe we are the best place to learn French in Paris.

Learn French in Paris, the best possible way

Learning French in private French tuition on a one-to-one basis with our Paris private tutors is not like learning in a classroom at a French language school. Our mission is to provide a high quality tuition in a warm and supportive environment. We set up a customised learning plan tailored to your learning abilities, linguistic goals, schedule and location.

Learn French in Paris - Teaching MethodMore than just a French lesson, we provide you with a comprehensive and efficient service, organising everything from a pre-course analysis to the evaluation of your French learning.  From complete beginners (A1) to advanced level (C1),we use the best and most efficient methods and learning materials for your French language level and abilities.

The benefits of our approach

  • French lessons and learning programmes tailored to your specific expectations and goals
  • The learning process is adjusted to suit your particular learning rhythms
  • You will have greater and wider opportunities to converse on a day-to-day basis
  • French lessons scheduled around your timetable
  • The best place to learn French is in Paris!

Immersive pedagogy

Paris has a bustling shopping district with plenty of cafés and a thriving night life providing an ideal opportunity to practice your French speaking in the real world. Learn French in Paris with our private French lessons providing you with the following:

  • Gain confidence in speaking French
  • Deal and actively engage with everyday situations in Paris
  • Improve fluency in the language
  • Converse on topics that interest you

Learning French in ParisWhether you are an individual or a professional, our courses place the emphasis on developing your active communication. Whatever your needs, the objective is to use the language in practical daily situations in Paris (shopping, ordering in a restaurant, taking a taxi…).

Our tutor will help you gain confidence in your speaking abilities. We structure our French lessons to ensure that they are varied, stimulating and suitable to your needs. If it is useful and applicable, you will learn it.

Learn French in Paris with an expert

Learn to speak with an experienced French tutor. You wish to:

  • Learn French with a dynamic, lively and capable tutor
  • Feel at ease when you speak

The pedagogy used by the French tutors is interactive and participative. The teachers will use likely activities such as role playing, debates, discussions. Students are active during the lessons, they develop skills that enable them to speak and become more independent.

Learn French with a structured method and different formats

Learn to speak using our balanced method. You wish to:

  • Improve your pronunciation and your grammar
  • Expand your vocabulary
  • Develop accuracy in grammar
  • Focus on conversation and/or written expression

From total beginners (A1) to advanced levels (C1) we structure the lessons according to the basic linguistic competences of the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages): listening, reading, writing,  spoken word, and conversational interaction. We can also focus on a particular or specific skill if required.

An intensive training of grammar structures with oral and written comprehension and expression will enable you to communicate easily in French.

We can help you to prepare for, and pass, the official examinations (DELF, DALF) or the national test (TCF).

We also provide the motivational support at every step of the learning process with a follow up via email.

Private French Tuition in Paris

Private French lessons can take place on days/times convenient for you – at your home, place of work. Every lesson lasts either 90 or 120 minutes.

One to one French Courses

Private French courses allows the tutor to dedicate all his attention to one student, focusing entirely on your ability and your needs. This one-to-one environment allows you to learn French, entirely at your own pace. Progress is often fast as you study around topics that are relevant and of interest to you. As the spotlight is focused on your requirements, your motivation and enthusiasm will be maintained throughout the tuition period.

Small group of between 2 and 4 people

Group lessons are for people at a similar level and who want to learn with their friends, partners or colleagues from work. Learning French in a small group allows you to benefit from the interaction a dynamic group provides and at a very affordable rate.

Intensive French course in Paris

A semi intensive course targets the students who are looking for other students who also want to progress at a faster pace and therefore achieve quicker results. It also allows a deeper immersion in French culture. From 3 to 4 hours per day at your home or at your desk with a minimum of 12 hours per week.

Learn French in Paris for tourists

French for tourists is for those who plan a short stay in Paris and would like to be able to interact in practical situations (taxis, restaurants, shops..). With between 12 and 20 hours and even if you know no basic French, we can help you to feel more at ease in the Paris during your stay.