Private French Lessons & French Tuition in Paris

About Us – French Teachers in Paris

About Us – French Teachers in Paris

A small team of enthusiastic and highly qualified French teachers in Paris

Created by Florence Harang, French à la Carte has provided customized private French lessons since 2012. Our structured teaching approach has been successful with many clients from many nationalities and backgrounds: expats, professional, students, and tourists.

To date, more than a hundred students have learned French from our experienced teachers.

Our Approach


We are native French speakers with high-level qualifications for teaching French. We have wide-ranging experience teaching students at all levels of experience and knowledge, from many different backgrounds, and with a variety of goals and ambitions.


At French à la Carte, there are no improvised lessons. Providing our students with high quality tuition is a core value. Our lessons are carefully prepared and structured, taking into account your needs, your abilities, and your goals.


We have a genuine enthusiasm for teaching French. We love our work! Our lessons are dynamic and interactive. Learning French in a positive and stimulating environment makes a huge difference.


At French à la Carte, you will not be learning French using outdated methods. We enjoy using a wide range of multimedia resources in addition to standard methods.


We are a small team of four private French tutors. This means that we can be reactive and flexible. We always do our best to accommodate the needs of each and every student and to organize our lessons around your busy schedule.


A small team means more commitment. With French à la Carte you’ll never be just another number. Throughout the course of your lessons, you’ll be learning French with the same teacher. Your teacher will get to know your learning abilities, your goals, your strong and weak points, and adjust the lessons accordingly.

Our Team of French Teachers

Florence Harang : founder / owner

“I graduated from the Sorbonne University with a Master’s in Literature and French as a Foreign Language. I’ve have been a French tutor for many years, with countless success stories: from expatriates with no experience learning French, to students with advanced language skills. I created French à la Carte in 2012. I’ve been fortunate to teach a wide range of people in many different roles. From students, to high-flying executives, to diplomats… and many others who simply wished to learn and master the language. I am genuinely passionate about teaching and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with students.”

Nindra V

“I studied at Paris Descartes University and the University of Montreal where I graduated with a Master’s in French as Foreign Language. I taught French in Australia and London before moving back to Paris. My students are mainly adults who are learning French for professional reasons, or to discover the language and its culture. I also teach teenagers and children who are learning French for their studies. I am passionate about teaching and I will be very happy to help you benefit from my experience and discover the French language and culture.”

Clarisse M

I am Clarisse an experienced French tutor. I would love to teach you French and share my
passion for the French culture with you. My strong interest for foreign languages and for all
forms of artistic creation in general naturally led me towards teaching my language. I hold a
Master’s degree in teaching French as a Foreign Language and my training, coupled with my
professional experience allow me to offer lessons to a large non francophone public ; children, teenagers, students and expatriates. In an encouraging manner, I am able to adapt my
teaching to your needs in order to help you progress and grow in confidence. Creative and entertaining, my teaching tries to bring a touch of originality in order to offer you a linguistic and cultural experience.

Clarisse Mendel

Fabien C

Born in the Châteaux of the Loire valley, where spoken French is known for its beauty, holding a Master’s degree in teaching French as a foreign language and after almost ten years of teaching in France and Asia, I’m looking forward to teaching you our beautiful language!

As a musician when I have free time, I have always been cultivating love for words and their sounds. Politics, economics, culture, travels and meeting new people are my passions.

Now, my extensive experience and my skills allow me to adapt my teaching to any profile, always in a cheerful and lively way!

Emilie N

Bonjour ! I am Emilie. I graduated with a Master’s in French as Foreign Language and teach to various publics : individuals and professionnals. I also have a long experience abroad : I studied in Milan, I have been a journalist in Bangkok and a private tutor in Russia before returning to Paris where I now teach full time French as a foreign language. In addition to my Master’s in French, I already have attended a cinema school. The little « plus » of my lessons, when I have the appropriate public is my cultural approach. With me you will not be surprised to see that I sometimes use movies extracts during my lessons. Also, if you are interested by the culture and Paris and wish to learn French immersed in the city, there will probably be a chance that I offer you a visit of an exhibition, a museum, a cultural walk in Paris.

Yael B

I graduated from the Sorbonne University with a Master’s in French as a Foreign Language. I have been teaching for a few years now for individuals but also for companies such as Hermes. My students are expats and visitors. I cover all levels from beginners to advanced and I  adapt myself to student’s needs, schedule and learning ability. I like using a wild range of learning material from a standard textbook to on online material passing by authentic documents such as press articles, movies extracts.

Juliette O

Thanks to my experience in teaching French to foreigners in Paris but also in the Philippines, I have acquired a wide range of experience in teaching French to various profiles : children, adults, students, professionals. I hold a Master’s degree in teaching French to foreigners from the University Paris Descartes. My numerous trips in various countries around the world have broaden my perspectives. I am insatiably curious and genuinely passionate about intercultutalism. According to me, knowledge about French culture and mastery of the French language are indissociable. I am willing to share my enthusiasm and my motivation with my students.

Vanessa B

“A graduate of Sorbonne University with a Master’s in Science of Language and French as a Foreign Language, I teach French as a Foreign Language at university, in companies and language schools. I also teach French to children and students in France, and abroad in Germany and Austria. In recent years, I have also been offering cultural learning activities (walking tours visits of areas of Paris, museums, exhibitions).”

Patrick E

I have a Masters degree in language teaching and I have taught for 14 years in Paris and abroad (Mexico City and London).

Currently based in Paris, I offer courses in professional and social French within companies to an expatriate audience.

I also prepare students for French-language diplomas (DELF/DALF, TCF, TEF …)