Private French Lessons & French Tuition in Paris

French lessons for Paris Lovers

French lessons for Paris Lovers

French lessons for Paris Lovers

Discover our French lessons for Paris lovers  feel like a Parisian just for a few hours!

If you’d like to immerse yourself in Parisian life, in addition to our one-to-one private lessons, French à la Carte also offers themed tours. With our French lessons for Paris lovers, you will learn French while experiencing the daily life of a Parisian, just for a few hours!

Fashion, gastronomy, walks in picturesque Paris: make the most of your stay and try our off the beaten track program.

“When Paris becomes your classroom”

If you’re learning French in Paris, discovering the city while conversing with your French teacher can be an enjoyable and efficient way to improve your skills: understanding, speaking, and accuracy.


Guided Walks in Paris for French learners curious About Paris (2h15). Walks in picturesque district of the city that are suitable for students with a pre-intermediate level of French (A2)


One of the best ways to discover Paris is on foot. Even better, let your French tutor show you around and teach you French at the same time.

  • Find out about the history of Paris across the centuries, and at the same time, Parisian culture. The itineraries we offer will reveal the multifaceted nature of Paris.
  • Practice your language skills: vocabulary, understanding, speaking, accuracy. While strolling through Paris with your tutor, you will be corrected and encouraged: the best way to improve your level of French.

Our Parisian Walks*

  • Cosmopolitan Paris: The picturesque and popular districts of Belleville and Menilmontant.
  • Timeless Paris: The little-known Latin Quarter.
  • Mythical Paris: The Saint-Germain-des-Prés district of Paris’ artists, an iconic neighborhood from the early 20th century onwards.
  • Village Paris: The hidden places of Montmartre
  • Trendy Paris: Le Marais off the beaten tracks
  • 19th Century Paris: The arcades and covered passages of the Grands Boulevards

* We can also organize “à la Carte” walks around Paris if required.

Feedback from Students

Anna Lucia Aidar, Work supervisor, Brazil:
Vanessa Bellendir was the best part of my trip while I was in Paris. Staying in Paris is already great, but having you as a private French teacher and a guide through places that any tourist would never go to was terrific. I really had so much fun with our classes that I did not see my month passing by this summer. After going to Paris so many times, now I really can say that I know the city from a “Parisian” point of view. So, I really hope to be able to take your walking classes very soon again. Thank you for that great summer! (July 2015)


Pastry/Chocolate Tour for Gourmet French Learners (2h00). Suitable for anyone with a basic level in French up to intermediate skill level


There is no better destination than Paris for gourmets! Embark upon a tour during which you will not only learn more about delicious pastries and chocolates, but also savor local specialties and practice your French at the same time.

  • Start the lesson with your tutor in one of the most famous and chic spots for pastries in St Germain-des-Prés. Savor one of the French specialties: crème brulée, macaron, financier…
  • Learn the basic vocabulary of pastries and chocolate. Discover the origin of each specialty. In French, of course!
  • Practice ordering from waiters using basic sentences to express your taste: délicieux ! (delicious!) along with many more expressions. You will also be challenged on your pronunciation. After a 1h30 lesson, you’re now ready for a little tour. On y va ! (let’s go!) Your tutor will guide you through the neighborhood for a pastry and chocolate tour of 30 minutes duration.
  • Discover the spectacular window displays of the pastry and chocolate shops of Saint-Germain-des-Près. Make a stop if you wish, whether just to admire, or to buy.


A Tour for Fashion Addicted French Learners (2h15). Suitable for all followers of Parisian fashion with a basic level in French.

When it comes to fashion, “Parisian chic” might imply a certain “je ne sais quoi,” but in practical terms, it’s really all about well-kept secrets and addresses that Parisian women only share with a few friends.

Select a district in Paris for your tour according to your taste: Le Marais (hip fashion wear), Bastille (messy chic) St Germain-des-Près (timeless chic).

Your tutor will be both your French teacher and your fashion guide. While strolling in selected fashion stores you will converse in French about the inimitable Parisian style.

  • Start your lesson at a nice Parisian café.
  • Find out about the Parisian sense of fashion and learn 12 tips for dressing like a Parisian.
  • Learn the basic clothing vocabulary and the different Parisian styles. Practice with your tutor, learning useful sentences and questions to be able to try on clothes, or ask questions about an item.
  • Practice some basic sentences with your tutor to express your taste. You will also work on your pronunciation. After a one-hour lesson practicing your fashion speaking skills, you are now ready for a one-hour tour in your selected district. “on y va !” (“let’s go!”)
  • Discover fashion shops whilst strolling the streets and conversing in French with your tutor. You will discover chic boutiques, but also designers creating original and stylish clothing and accessories.