Private French Lessons & French Tuition in Paris

Conversational French lessons

Conversational French lessons

Conversational French lessons

Try our conversational French lessons to express yourself with fluidity and using up-to-date expressions

If you live in an expat community, you might be looking for wider opportunities to converse in French. Our French conversation lessons will help you to develop your speaking skill.

Conversational French lessons to suit your needs:

  • Be able to express yourself on topics of personal interest
  • Converse in French with self-confidence and fluidity
  • Gain confidence while interacting with locals

If your level is intermediate or advanced (A2+/B1/B2), you might be interested by our conversational French lessons with a native French teacher. First, we’ll select with you the topics you are interested in (politics, society, daily life, art, gastronomy, etc.). Your French teacher will then prepare learning material suited to your areas of interest: press articles, online materials, videos, extracts from films, and so on.

Far from being just a simple discussion, our conversational French lessons are, above all, a lesson, and you’ll be challenged throughout on different skills: understanding, expression, pronunciation.

Your French teacher will listen, work with you on your comprehension, ask about your opinions, and from time to time use remedial grammar in order to correct and explain your mistakes.

  • For students at A2+ level and upwards
  • Lessons of 1.5 or 2 hours
  • Lessons at your home, office, or in a quiet café in Paris

Feedback from Students

Gaston Ascuri, intern at Christian Louboutin, Buenos Aires, Argentina – December 2015:
From the moment I first contacted Florence she was really open to have a conversation and understand my needs. We set an initial meeting to discuss my objectives and do a diagnostic of my current French level.

After that, we scheduled the days that best worked for me and the content that was going to be the most valuable for me to learn. Classes were really interactive and we’ve covered many aspects such as speaking, grammar, vocabulary, as well as day-to-day situations.