Cours privés de français

Témoignages de nos étudiants

Professionnels particuliers, voici ce qu’ils disent de nous :

2015 / 2016


Gaston Ascuri, Intern at Christian Louboutin, Buenos Aires, Argentina:
From the moment I first contacted Florence she was really open to have a conversation and understand my needs. We set an initial meeting to discuss my objectives and do a diagnostic of my current French level. Classes were really interactive and we’ve covered many aspects such as speaking, grammar, vocabulary, as well as day-to-day situations. I truly recommend French à la carte services as I’ve noticed the improvement really fast and consider it a great investment for anyone willing to live/work in France or just looking to learn French in a different way! (December 2015)

Laura Cook, student, USA:
“I worked with Florence while in Paris and am very happy with the progress I made with her. I needed to improve my grammar rapidly in order to take the TCF (language assessment) in time, and earn a level B2, in order to apply to universities in France. I’d been hovering around B1 for the longest time, and my work with Florence pushed me to successfully earn a B2 on the exam. My grammar was almost even at C1. Florence uses good materials, an easy to understand grammar book, other worksheets, audio clips and videos to practice oral comprehension (February 2016)

Lama Alissa, student, Saudi Arabia:
Personally I have taken french courses many times but studying with Nindra helped me a lot. She is willing to to explain, use different methods in teaching and makes sure that I am learning (April 2016)


Tim Rudgers, Air France KLM:
‘From my first class until the last I have enjoyed having Nindra as a teacher to the fullest. She is structured, knowledgeable and knows how to teach French in a matter which is energizing. Nindra always finds ways to make speaking in a foreign language very accessible and amusing  I would recommend French a la Carte in general and Nindra specifically to everyone that is looking to learn the beautiful French language.’  (May 2015)

Michael Shaw, Chief Operating Officer, Aktis Strategy, UK:
I was very keen to improve my French for professional and personal use in France. Florence provided a bespoke learning experience that quickly allowed me to improve in the key areas that I was interested in. She was able to fit in with my working schedule and be flexible around my program. I was very impressed with the preparation she put in each class so that was no time wasted. I will be forever grateful to Florence for her care and attention! (January 2016)

Jean Howley, CFO, SHV, Ireland:
I have worked with Florence Harang for two months, I am a very busy professional and it is difficult for me to find the time to focus on my French, which is essential for my professional life.
I initially tried the larger schools, then opted for individual lessons with Florence.  I have found the lessons truly excellent, she facilitates my busy schedule and teaches me on weekends.  Indeed, she is the first teacher who can hold my attention for 5 hours of lessons!  Her approach is varied, interesting, structured, contemporary, at the correct pace and never boring.  I would highly recommend her as a tutor. (March 2016)

Fiona Mangan, Senior Program Officer with the United States Institute of Peace, Washington, USA:
I cannot speak more highly of my experience with French à la Carte tutor Florence Harang. Last summer I found myself suddenly plunged into a work opportunity in francophone Africa, with only very basic French. Before departing I organized a short stopover in Paris and took 3 days of intensive private French classes. Florence carefully tailored a programme which fit my needs exactly, focusing on key areas of grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary—even thoughtfully selecting news passages from francophone news websites. Her teaching and encouragement gave me the confidence to get over my anxiety and begin to speak. I warmly recommend French à la Carte. (August 2015)


Anna Lucia Aidar, Work Supervisor, Brazil:
Vanessa Bellendir was the best part of my trip while I was in Paris. Staying in Paris is already great, but having you as a private French teacher and a guide through places that any tourist would never go to was terrific. I really had so much fun with our classes that I did not see my month passing by this summer. After going to Paris so many times, now I really can say that I know the city from a “Parisian” point of view. So, I really hope to be able to take your walking classes very soon again. Thank you for that great summer! (July 2015)

Susan Astor-Smith, Director of Public Relations, Sydney, Australia:
I spent six weeks in Paris in late 2015 and during that time had twice weekly lessons of two hours each with Florence Harang at French à la Carte. While I had already been learning French for some time in Sydney, the lessons I had with Florence improved my pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency greatly. Florence was flexible, creative and professional in her teaching methods.  She quickly identified my areas of interest and built her lessons around these. I highly recommend Florence and French à la Carte and look forward to continuing lessons with her on my next extended visit to Paris. (October 2015)

Brigitte Meyer, Artist, San Francisco, USA:
I visited Paris for an extended stay and Florence was a tremendous help to me learning the language. My trip to Versailles with her was not only the best way to spend the day practicing conversational French, but we had a lovely, fun time and it was one of the highlights of my trip because she was such great company! (July 2015)


Supreeti Pradhan, Trader-Dealer at Frontex Nepal Investment bank:
It is very hard to adjust in France without speaking French, so when I moved to Paris, initially I started taking classes at language schools but later I decided to take private classes with French à la Carte, so that I could learn faster and effectively and which could cater to my need. This has definitely helped me improve my understanding of the language. (January 2016)

John Freymann, Consultant, Washington, USA:
Nindra is great! She’s very creative and customized lessons to my interests.  Her enthusiasm and energy made our lessons fun.  Highly recommended! (November 2015)

Gillian Mylrea, Veterinary, Sydney Australia:
During my 8 years in Paris I have had quite a few different French teachers and I consider Florence one of the best.  She tailor makes each lesson to my needs and is quick to recognize areas that I need to work on and will then provide a lesson to address this. She is very flexible regarding her availability and we have had Skpye lessons when I am travelling for work. (April 2016)

Enfants / adolescents

Nancy Quartey, American expat in Paris, mother of Neilah:
My daughter started taking lessons with Nindra through French à la Carte last year when she was 5 years old. My daughter loved her from the first day they met and adores their lessons. Nindra is serious but fun and also very patient with my daughter. I immediately noticed a difference in my daughter’s French as she would practice what she learned during her lesson throughout the week, looking forward to their next lesson. Nindra is a pleasure to invite into our home every week and I would highly recommend her. (September 2015)

Christy Libbus, American tourist, mother of 3 children:
We enjoyed our lessons with Clarisse very much.  She taught us in our apartment and always arrived promptly, equipped with creative well-chosen activities to help us learn.  She was able to accommodate our very beginning level, and she used an interesting variety of activities. (January 2016)

Témoignages 2012-2014

Katrine B. Benthien, Senior Vice President, Pandora, Denmark:
I’ve taken private French lessons with Florence Harang 2 hours per week for more than a year and highly recommend her as a private French tutor. 2 years ago when I came to Paris I had no knowledge of French, she has helped me deliver presentations in French in front of large audiences, conduct meetings in French, etc. She has always been very professional and also been extremely flexible in terms of scheduling lessons, both at my office or via Skype, as I preferred. Furthermore, she tailored the lessons completely to my needs and managed to always keep it interesting. If you’re looking for a French tutor, I give her my warmest recommendations.

Ron First, traveller and blogger, USA:
I have studied French for many years using various methods. Of all those attempts, my week with Florence Harang from French à la Carte was by far the most productive, the most interesting, and certainly the most pleasant. After a few mornings at a cafe, where we focused on grammar and structure, we ventured out into the city. As we strolled through parts of Paris that I’ve never visited, she educated, instructed and amused me. Without hesitation. I recommend Florence Harang as a French tutor in Paris.

Marisa Hidalgo, International Business Manager Economie d’énergie, Spain:
Arriving in Paris for work with absolutely no idea how to say a word in French is not the best  scenario, but sometimes life brings you that and there is not much more you can do about it. Finding French à la Carte was the first support I found in organizing my life in Paris. I took 3 months of private lessons with them and after the second was able to talk fairly fluently. They are flexible and very nice, but probably the most important point is that the French à la Carte team listens very carefully to what you want, and devise programmes that match your needs perfectly.

Lance Stephenson, Melbourne, Australia:
I am a regular visitor to Paris with next to no grounding in the French language. It was a very big step for me to undertake private lessons with a teacher of Florence’s expertise and standing. But from the very first moment I met Florence I felt relaxed about my ignorance of the language and quickly gained the skill, and more importantly, the confidence to engage in basic day-to-day street communication. As a result I happily seek out lessons with Florence on every visit because her personal manner and style of teaching makes me feel as though I am on an enjoyable journey of discovery, rather than trudging an uphill path of hard-core learning.

Ottorino Menghini, Vice Président, Unicrédit, Italy:
After three months of classes, I highly recommend taking private French lessons with French à la Carte. Transferred to Paris by the Italian bank Unicredit, I was asked for this new professional mission to be fluent in French. With this “tailor-made” course with Florence, which was inventive, dynamic and very well suited to my needs, I managed to reach my goals. Private lessons with French à la Carte are highly personalized. They really knew how to fulfill my expectations.

Victoria Williams, Marketing Director, GlaxoSmithKline:
I have taken French lessons with Vanessa for 3.5 years and could not recommend her highly enough. Vanessa is a very competent and encouraging teacher. She is fun and strict at the same time and I have always enjoyed our lessons and felt challenged. She provides a range of support information which is tailored to my needs and interests. It truly feels like French à la Carte has delivered amazing results for me.

Dario De Giorgio, Italy:
I needed to learn French for my work, but I travel throughout Europe and couldn’t attend conventional lessons. That’s why I decided to have lessons via Skype. I started lessons with Vanessa Bellendir, who, from the early stages, showed me that it’s possible to have excellent lessons without leaving home. Vanessa adapted the course to my needs in terms of content and schedule. I recommend “French à la Carte” via Skype, a well proven method to improve your French with the freedom to choose where and when.

John Sularz, Marketing Director, Critical Vision, USA:
My experience with French à la Carte, and my teacher Florence Harang, exceeded my expectations. I contacted many French tutors prior to my trip to Paris. Florence was, with no doubt, the most responsive and professional. My goal was to broaden my French business vocabulary, as well as be more at ease expressing myself in French. She kept the lessons moving at a steady pace while keeping an eye on my stated goals, modifying each session to address specific grammar issues. She was encouraging, focused, and patient. I would, without hesitation, recommend working with French à la Carte and Florence.

Jenny Bateman, Publishing Professional, Ireland:
Having studied oriental languages to university level, I knew exactly what I was looking for from a private teacher. I have never been confident at speaking in French, but Vanessa Bellendir instantly identified my problem areas and corrected them without undermining my self-confidence. Used to a very structured way of learning, I found her organic yet targeted approach refreshing and very effective. She has helped me unlearn so many flawed rules from my school days, during my 6 months of individual lessons. The accuracy of my French is much improved and I have had no hesitation in recommending Vanessa to my friends.

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