“I worked with Florence while in Paris and am very happy with the progress I made with her. I needed to improve my grammar rapidly in order to take the TCF (language assessment) in time, and earn a level B2, in order to apply to universities in France. I’d been hovering around B1 for the longest time, and my work with Florence pushed me to successfully earn a B2 on the exam. My grammar was almost even at C1. Florence uses good materials, an easy to understand grammar book, other worksheets, audio clips and videos to practice oral comprehension (February 2016) 
Laura Cook, student, USA
From the moment I first contacted Florence she was really open to have a conversation and understand my needs. We set an initial meeting to discuss my objectives and do a diagnostic of my current French level. Classes were really interactive and we’ve covered many aspects such as speaking, grammar, vocabulary, as well as day-to-day situations. I truly recommend French à la carte services as I’ve noticed the improvement really fast and consider it a great investment for anyone willing to live/work in France or just looking to learn French in a different way! (December 2015)
Gaston Ascuri, Intern at Christian Louboutin, Buenos Aires, Argentina:
Personally I have taken french courses many times but studying with Nindra helped me a lot. She is willing to to explain, use different methods in teaching and makes sure that I am learning (April 2016)
Lama Alissa, student, Saudi Arabia:


‘From my first class until the last I have enjoyed having Nindra as a teacher to the fullest. She is structured, knowledgeable and knows how to teach French in a matter which is energizing. Nindra always finds ways to make speaking in a foreign language very accessible and amusing  I would recommend French a la Carte in general and Nindra specifically to everyone that is looking to learn the beautiful French language.’  (May 2015)
Tim Rudgers, Air France KLM
I was very keen to improve my French for professional and personal use in France. Florence provided a bespoke learning experience that quickly allowed me to improve in the key areas that I was interested in. She was able to fit in with my working schedule and be flexible around my program. I was very impressed with the preparation she put in each class so that was no time wasted. I will be forever grateful to Florence for her care and attention! (January 2016)
Michael Shaw, Chief Operating Officer, Aktis Strategy, UK
I have worked with Florence Harang for two months, I am a very busy professional and it is difficult for me to find the time to focus on my French, which is essential for my professional life. I initially tried the larger schools, then opted for individual lessons with Florence.  I have found the lessons truly excellent, she facilitates my busy schedule and teaches me on weekends.  Indeed, she is the first teacher who can hold my attention for 5 hours of lessons!  Her approach is varied, interesting, structured, contemporary, at the correct pace and never boring.  I would highly recommend her as a tutor. (March 2016)
Jean Howley, CFO, SHV, Ireland
I cannot speak more highly of my experience with French à la Carte tutor Florence Harang. Last summer I found myself suddenly plunged into a work opportunity in francophone Africa, with only very basic French. Before departing I organized a short stopover in Paris and took 3 days of intensive private French classes. Florence carefully tailored a programme which fit my needs exactly, focusing on key areas of grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary—even thoughtfully selecting news passages from francophone news websites. Her teaching and encouragement gave me the confidence to get over my anxiety and begin to speak. I warmly recommend French à la Carte. (August 2015)
Fiona Mangan, Senior Program Officer with the United States Institute of Peace, Washington, USA: