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Paris 5 best bakeries and bread related French vocabulary .

In Paris where the official “pain” is definitely the Baguette, this iconic bread is part of most Parisians’ daily routine. Have you sampled some cheap baguettes in Paris yet?  When it comes to delicious, freshly baked bread, there is a wide range of other types of baguettes including slow-rise, gluten free. Not to mention the plethora of different types of Baguettes! You may be used to just asking in French for “une baguette” simply because it is the only one sort of bread that that you know in France. In today’s blog, I will share with you in useful French vocabulary and expressions related to the boulangerie (bakery). Also, at the same time I’ll share with you the 5 best boulangeries in Paris. Read more and enjoy!

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Let’s start with the most useful expressions to use when stepping into a Boulangerie:

Expressions to use in a Boulangerie (Bakery)

“Je voudrais une baguette s’il vous plait”: I would like a baguette please.

“Je voudrais une baguette coupée en deux s’il vous plait”: I would like a baguette cut in two.

“Je voudrais un pain tranche”: I would like some bread sliced

“Est-ce que vous avez du pain sans gluten?”: do you have gluten free bread?

“Je vais prendre un pain de seigle s’il vous plait”: I will have a rye bread please.

Top Parisian bakeries:

1/ Du Pain et des Idées

At the top of my list of the best French bakeries in Paris it must be  Du Pain et des Idées , and TripAdvisor agrees. 

This place is worth a trip to the gorgeous Canal St. Martin neighbourhood. And while you are there, set a picnic on the banks of the river. What I love about Du Pain et des Idées is that their décor has remain largely unchanged since opening back in the 1870’s! They are very well renowned for their Pain des Amis, which is a slow rise loaf of bread that is left to ferment for two days before they bake it.

2/ Blé Sucré

Fabrice Le Bourdat, former pastry chef at Le Bristol makes some of the city’s best madeleines at his 12th arrondissement bakery. Go for the madeleines but pick up a loaf of bread while you’re there- the bread is delicious and underappreciated. Seasonal treats, such as Galettes des Rois in January and Easter goodies in the spring, maket this bakery a delightful spot to stop and indulge. See the TripAdvisors agrees.

 7 Rue Antoine Vollon, 75012. Tel: +33 (0)1 43 40 77 73. Closed Mondays.



Useful Expressions that you might hear

“Combien?”: how many

“Et avec ceci?”: is that all?

“Vous désirez autre?”: would you like something else?

“Est-ce que vous auriez de la monnaie?”: would you have change?

“Vous préférez le pain tranché?”: would you like the bread sliced?

“Baguette”: baguette

“Préparer cuire”: bake

“Une boulanger / boulangerie”: Baker

“Une boulangerie”: Bakery

3/ Poîlane

Order a freshly baked “miches” at this world-renowned bakery and you won’t be disappointed. Made with stone ground flour and fresh sea salt from Brittany, these are the best sourdough loaves by far! (8 rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006. See their website for other locations.)

The very easy terms on types of bread and ingredients:

“Pain”: bread

“Une miette, une mie”: crumb

“L’a croute”: Crust

“Croustillant” (e): Crusty

“Une pâte”: dough

“Pain de campagne”: farmhouse bread

“La farine”: flour

“Un pain aux noix “: nut bread

“un pain de seigle”: rye bread

“un pain de mie “: sandwich bread

“une tranche”: a slice

“tranche”: sliced

“Un pain au levain”: sourdough bread

“Un pain à l’épautre”: spelt bread

“Un pain blanc”: white bread

“Pain complet”: wholemeal or whole-wheat bread

“la levure”: yeast

4/ Le Grenier à Pain

Winner of the 2015 “Best Baguette in Paris” this is a highly prized boulangerie in the 18th Arrondissiment,  Le Grenier à Pain won the coveted commendation in 2010, and is also the official baguette supplier to the French president. Located in the 18th arrondissement the bakery is in good company, with Montmartre area bakeries winning the commendation five times in the past ten years. (38 Rue des Abbesses, 75018.)



Useful expressions to pay in a boulangerie

“Désolée, je n’ai pas de monnaie”: sorry, I have no change

“J’ai seulement un billet”: I only have a note

“Est-ce que je peux payer avec la carte bancaire?”: can I pay with a credit card?

5/ Boulangerie Chambelland

While this place doesn’t promote it, bakery specializes in gluten-free baked goods. The tartes, bread, and delicious chouquettes, and they really do taste like the real thing! Boulangerie Chambelland use rice flour made from the southern France using a specialty flour called “riz de Camargue” . The bakery is quite charming and offers exceptional pastries too. (14 Rue Ternaux, 75011 )


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