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French Immersion in Paris: foodie related vocabulary and the top 4 food markets


Paris is a city that has a food market for everybody. Experience quintessential French food, as well as fragrant spices of a diverse cultural blend of countries. Paris counts more than 90 Food Markets. In this week’s blog, we share with you some useful expressions relating to all things food. We’ll share what we believe are the top 4 food markets to visit, and how much fun an immersive two-hour tour can be with a dedicated and experienced private French tutor in Paris.

Our top 4 traditional Food Markets in Paris.
There is no better way to experience French culture than through its food. Paris is the epicentre of all things French. It is not just the capital of France but of the nation’s cuisine as well. One culinary tradition that is particularly charming for visitors and expats is shopping for fresh goods at the outdoor food markets. With our short list of the four of the absolute best traditional markets in Paris, you will have a chance to find something to tantalise your taste buds!

marche place monge1/ Marché Place Monge: 5th arrondissement
At the heart of the Latin quarter, Marché Monge has been running since 1921! The market offers a vast choice of fruits and vegetables. Best of all, there are two fish vendors selling fresh products straight from the shores of Normandy. A nice selection of wines and cheeses are also available.  Take advantage of the friendly atmosphere surrounding the neighbourhood, where even the merchants are smiling.
Place Monge, 75005 Paris


marche organic2/Marché Biologique Raspail: 6th arrondissement
Located on the Boulevard Raspail in the 6th arrondissement, the Marché Raspail is one of the most popular markets on the Left Bank. It is also less than 20 minutes’ walk from the Jardin du Luxembourg and only eight minutes from the Musée d’Orsay. This open-air market has been running since 1920 and usually has around 40 fruit, vegetable, bakery, and takeaway food stalls. On Sundays, the market turns into an organic haven, and its English bakery stall is especially popular. Always very busy, the Marché Raspail is worth visiting for its bustling atmosphere and is an ideal location for a quick lunch.
Boulevard Raspail, 75006. Open Sunday morning
Between Rue du Cherche Midi and rue de Rennes, 75006 


 Marché des Enfants Rouges3/ Marché des Enfants Rouges: 3rd arrondissement
One of Paris’s most famous indoor markets, the Marché des Enfants Rouges is located in what was once a 16th century orphanage. The name originates in the colour of the children’s red clothes. Red, being an indicator that the clothing had been donated by Christian charities. The market was opened in 2000, and now hosts a wide variety of food stalls, including Lebanese, Japanese, and gorgeous African cuisine. Organic food stalls, fishmongers, and florists can also be found here, making this market an atmospheric place to spend a day shopping or enjoying fresh street food on one of the many terraces.
Marché des Enfants Rouges, 39 Rue de Bretagne, 75003


marche d'aligre4/ Marché Rue d’Aligre: 11th arrondissement
Spreading from the Place d’Aligre in the 12th arrondissement, this outdoor market sells vintage clothes, bric-a-brac, take-away food and fresh produce and is a regular shopping spot for locals. The market also joins onto the covered Marché Beauvau, another of Paris’s old indoor markets known for its various cooked food stalls. Speciality cheeses and butchers are popular here, with local and seasonal produce given priority. The Aligre market is good-value, with flourishing trade on Saturday mornings, and has the added benefit of being near to the Bastille area restaurants such as Le Charolais and Le Baron Rouge.
Place d’Aligre, 75011 Paris


Learn French in Paris: useful vocabulary at the food markets (French for beginners)

Below are some useful phrases to get you started when at the markets:

When you wish to ask for something:
“Je voudrais”: I would like
“Je vais prendre”: I will have
“Est-ce que vous avez”: do you have

It is useful to know how to ask for a quantity, especially at the food markets:
“Un kilo de”: a kilo of
“Un demi-kilo”: half a kilo
“La moitié”: half
“Une dizaine”: dozen
“Un peu plus”: a little bit more
“Un peu moins”: a little bit less

Naturally, the markets are where food is sold in various shapes:
“Un morceau of”: a piece of
“Une tranche de”: a slice of
“Une barquette de”: a punnet of (such as strawberries and raspberries)

Feel confident asking for the price:
“C’est combien s’il vous plait?”: how much is it please?
“Quel est le prix de?”: what is the price of?

Useful Expressions when paying:
“Vous acceptez la carte?” do you accept a credit card? (vendors sometimes accept card payments for a total amount above 15€)
“J’ai seulement un billet de”: I only have a note
“J’ai seulement une pièce de”: I only have a coin of
“Je n’ai pas de monnaie”: I do not have change
“C’est cher”: it’s expensive
“C’est bon marché”: it’s a bargain

What are other common expressions you might expect to hear in a food market?
“C’est tout?”: is that all
“Et avec ceci?”: and with this?
“Vous désirez autre chose?”: would you like something else?


French immersion in Paris: a French course in a food market

There is no better destination than Paris for foodie lovers! With French à La Carte – your private French teacher in Paris, embark upon a tour of 2 hours during which you will learn useful vocabulary to do your shopping at the food market. With our French language courses in Paris, our focus in on quality “one on one” time.

Before we hit the markets, the first part of the lesson takes place in a quiet Parisian café, perfect for concentration. With your dedicated private French teacher, you will practice the names of goods for sale and how to correctly pronounce them. You’ll learn the correct pronunciation of fruits and vegetables as well as the main French cheeses and meat.
Be able to ask a serving size and shape, and the quantity you would like to buy. Confidently learn how you will ask how to pay.

Your private French tutor will be by your side to correct you when necessary. It is an enriching culinary experience and something you will fondly remember long after you return home. And if you have recently moved to Paris, it is an ideal way to confidently communicate in your new city.

Learn French in Paris and immerse yourself in the City of Light

french lessons parisIf you learn French in Paris and would like to immerse yourself in Paris while practising your French speaking skills, French à La Carte offers immersion in French to all Paris lovers in a personalised way. Live like a Parisian for a few hours with personalized private French lessons on a one to one basis.

Try our off the beaten track themed tours and feel like a true Parisian for a few hours! Here are a few tantalising examples of our French courses in Paris:

• Cosmopolitan Paris: The picturesque and popular districts of Belleville and Menilmontant.
• Timeless Paris: The little-known Latin Quarter.
• Mythical Paris: The Saint-Germain-des-Prés district of Paris’ artists, an iconic neighbourhood from the early 20th century onwards.
• Paris Village: The hidden places of Montmartre.
• Trendy Paris: Le Marais off the beaten track.
• 19th Century Paris: The arcades and covered passages of the Grand Boulevards.

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