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How to say « Yes » in French

different ways to say oui in french

French for beginners includes learning the different variants of “oui” but if if you wish to sound a little bit less than a tourist, there are some secrets to be revealed about this simple French word. If you wish to increase your linguistic skills in French and be able to say : yes, absolutely, yes,indeed or simply yeah, read this lesson. Learn how to say « yes » in French and sound more like a native.



1 – “Ouais”: the informal French yes


learn to say oui in french includes ouais







When hearing French people speak, you might hear “Ouais”

-Tu habites en Espagne ?  Ouais, j’habite à Madrid

– You live in Spain ? Yep, I live in Madrid



2 – The emphatic “Mais oui” !

learn to say oui includes mais oui
Learn to say “Oui” includes “Mais oui”











Mais oui ! is quite emphatic. It literary means but yes ! of course, it’s obvious isn’t it? It’s often used when you’re slightly annoyed.

-Tu lui as téléphoné ? – Mais oui ! tu me l’as déjà demandé

-Have you phoned him/ her ?  – Yes, of course ! you have already asked me



3-The obvious answer yes : “Bien-sûr”- “Evidemment”

evidemment another way to say oui in french








If a person asks you something to which the answer seems obvious, you could answer: “Bien-sûr” (of course) or “évidemment” (obviously)

-Tu aimes le chocolat ? – Bien-sûr/évidemment

-Do you like chocolate ? – Of course, I do



4 –Exactement -“Tout à fait”- “Absolument “: The formal “Yes” to confirm an information

aboslument is an alternative way to say oui in french
“Exactement” Another way to say “Oui” in French










When you wish to confirm an information that someone has just said, you can use one of these French words: « Exactement » (exactly), « Tout à fait » (that’s right), « En effet » (indeed)

-Vous êtes bien Clara Bernard ? – Oui, tout à fait

– You are Clara Bernard, aren’t – Yes, that’s right


-Vous êtes certain d’avoir pris la décision de vendre votre appartement ? – Oui, absolument

– Are you sure to have made the decision to sell your apartment ? – Yes, absolutely


5-” Si ” : the contradiction ” yes


si is an alternative way how to say oui in french
“Si” :  another way how to say “Oui” in French











“Si” is used to contradict negative questions and statements

-Tu n’as pas aimé le film ? – Si, j’ai adoré

-You didn’t like the movie ? – Yes, I loved it



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If you have any hesitation about how to say “Yes” in French, please feel free to share this with me, and I will try to guide you in a helpful way. If you wish to learn French  with personalized French courses in Paris French à La Carte offer  customized private lessons to match your needs, learning abilities, schedule and location in Paris.


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