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French Vocabulary Related To Celebrities who are Icons of Parisian Style.

France is renowned for influencing style. From  fashion designers, stylists, actresses, models, each have unique style signatures. At French a la Carte -Paris, we have curated a tour dedicated to all things French Fashion.  In this post, we will also share with you expressions and vocabulary to describe celebrity and success, taking some examples of the most influential celebs otherwise known as “French Style Icons”.

Just what is it that makes certain French models and celebrities so unique and memorable around the world? We have selected just a few from Cécile Mataillet’s blog at Et Voila! in today’s blog, and we will provide you with a link to her fantastic article further on.

Vanessa Paradis

French Vocabulary Relating To Celebrity- Icons of Parisian Style vanessa paradis Take Vanessa Paradis for example. Vanessa started her career at just 14 years old. She is known for her romantic and rather natural look (with sheer fabrics and embellishment from days gone by), she is never overdressed or wears too make-up. She’s not perfect, and she doesn’t try to hide it! Quite the opposite in fact. She plays with her imperfections; her tooth gap is quite famous.

French vocabulary about celebrity and success:

Here are a few really useful expressions to describe artistic professions. You will notice that they are gender descriptive, to define male or female. This is probably the first challenge you’ll overcome when embarking on your French language experience! Most things from roads to cities are defined as male or female!

“Une styliste”: a fashion designer

“Un acteur” / une actrice: an actor – an actress

“Un chanteur” / une chanteuse: a singer

“Un réalisateur” / une réalisatrice: a film director

“Un (e) écrivain(e )”: a writer

“Un danseur” / une danseuse: a dancer

French Vocabulary Relating Celebrity brigitte bardot

Brigitte Bardot

Another stylish French icon in Film and Fashion was Brigitte Bardot. Bardot was considered THE sexiest icon in 1956, as a screen goddess in the classic “Et Dieu créa la femme” (“And God created woman”). Even once she left her youth years behind, she invented a lot of French Chic codes that are still fashionable today. Known for that “just-go- out-of-bed-with-my-lover” look with messy hair, she OWNED style with her black eyeliner and boots over the knees gorgeous hats and head scarves.

You’ll notice quite a few French phrases have made it to the English language, such as starlet or celebrity. Here are a few useful and easily recognizable expressions, it is simply the spelling that is different:

“Une star”: a star

“Une icône”: an icon

“Une célébrité”: a celebrity

“Une jeune première” / un jeune premier: a leading lady / a leading man

“Une starlette”: a starlet

“Un monstre sacré”: a superstar

Coco Chanel

coco chanel


No need to introduce Coco Chanel. She pretty much invented the whole “Parisian” and “French Chic” concept. So what was it that made her style so “trés chic” and unique?

Chanel introduced black as an everyday colour. Black was only worn for funerals in her day! She was the first to liberate women from the confines of corsets and to dress elegantly in “masculine” clothes. Heaven forbid a woman were to wear pants in her day!  Not only was Coco Chanel a rule breaker, but a very successful woman at that!

Here are a few phrases used to describe success:

“La gloire”: glory

“La popularité”: popularity

“L’ovation”: ovation

“Le triomphe”: triumph

Adjectives to describe celebrity:

“Connu (e) – Célèbre”: famous ”Il est très connu maintenant”- he is very famous now.

“Populaire”: popular “Elle est très populaire auprès des jeunes” – she is very popular with the young public.

“Oscarisé (e) “: used for an actor/actress who received many awards in the cinema “Meryl Streep est une actrice qui a reçu de nombreux Oscars” – Meryl Streep is an actress who has been awarded numerous Oscars.

“Etre en vue”: to be in the public eye – “Marc Jacobs un designer très en vue” –  Marc Jacobs is in the public eye.

“Etre sous les projecteurs”: to be in the limelight “Lily-Rose Depp est sous le feu des projecteurs” – Lily-Rose Depp is in the limelight.

“Etre une bête de scène”: to be a great live performer “Iggy Pop est une bête de scène” – Iggy Pop is a great performer.

Isabelle Huppert

private french lessons in paris - all things fashionSpeaking of  huge success, the glory “La gloire” of Isabelle Huppert. One of the most enduring and respected actresses in French cinema, Huppert is known for her versatile portrayals of characters ranging from the innocent to the sultry to the comic. Her  style is relaxed and reflects her innate self confidence. Just a few months ago, she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama for her performance in the psychological thriller “Elle.”


Success to describe a movie:

“Un chef d’œuvre”: masterpiece

“Un succès immense”: a huge success

“Un succès commercial “: a blockbuster

Success to describe music:

“Un tube”: a chart-topper

Success to describe literature:

“Un best- seller “(ou une réussite en librairie): best-seller


Immersion in French in Paris : discover our fashion tour


Immersion in French with a fashion tour




Immerse yourself in Paris while practicing your French speaking skills, French à La Carte offers immersion in French to all Paris lovers in a personalised way. Live like a Parisian for a few hours with personalized private French lessons on a one to one basis

French a la Carte- Paris has designed personalized walking tours incorporating fashion and the French language.  Or, for a unique English speaking experience on all things fashion, I highly recommend you visit  Et Voila! site for more detailed overview on the 8 top style icons of France. (This blog covers just a few!) With Et Voila! Cecile Mataillet will help you discover the best insider’s fashion addresses with a Parisian among a selection of cutting edge neighbourhoods and learn all about how to dress “effortless chic” – like a French woman.

So now you’re tempted with all things French Style, why not learn French in Paris with a fashion tour? See more here.

immersion in French : fashion tour


Your tutor will be both your French teacher and your fashion guide. While strolling in selected fashion stores you will converse in French about the inimitable Parisian style.

  • Start your lesson at a gorgeous Parisian café.
  • Find out about the Parisian sense of fashion and learn 12 tips for dressing like a Parisian.
  • Learn the basic clothing vocabulary and the different Parisian styles. Practice with your tutor, learning useful sentences and questions to be able to try on clothes, or ask questions about an item.
  • Practice some basic sentences with your tutor to express your taste. You will also work on your pronunciation. After a one-hour lesson practicing your fashion speaking skills, you are now ready for a one-hour tour in your selected district. “on y va!” (“let’s go!”)
  • Discover fashion shops whilst strolling the streets and conversing in French with your tutor. You will discover chic boutiques, but also designers creating original and stylish clothing and accessories.

If you are interested by a shopping tour in English, I highly recommend you  contact Cecile at she is a fantastic personal shopper who will help you to take advantage of her experience and discover the best of Paris endless fashion addresses! Her blog post is a fantastic read and offers greater detail on French fashion. Click here to read more.



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